Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too wet to dive...

We can't believe it is nearly 2 months since we last got wet. We're blaming the weather. There was in fact record rainfall for April in our area and it is REALLY cold. Not that the rain is a problem when you;re underwater, but the run-off from the land makes it a fairly hideous underwater experience. Instead, we have been working on a new book, and catching up on movies. One of which, I will mention....

If you haven's seen Sharkwater, you should rush out and get hold of a copy. It's an incredible documentary about the shark-finning industry. As beautiful as the underwater footage is, the documentary storytelling is brutal and honest. One of its most graphic scenes involves footage of a recently definned shark swaying gently to the sandy sea floor - it's beautifully reminiscent of a leaf falling from a tree until you realise that the shark is ALIVE and can't move and will inevitably die where it falls on the sea floor, if not eaten alive beforehand.

Mighty praise for film-maker, Rob Stewart - shame on those who continue to satisfy their need for exotic foods without any thought for the poor animals that suffer for their wants.

Visit the SHARKWATER website:

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